csr_commercialIn 2014, Lanes carried out a corporate social responsibility (CSR) review of the Group. Following that, a CSR panel was established and a strategy set down, with aims and objectives to work towards 2020 and beyond.

Though this was to be Lanes’ first formal CSR policy, it was clear that, as a company, we had already followed many of the principles for some time. Keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum, providing an efficient service through the best use of resources and equipment, striving to have a positive impact on the lives of our people and the communities in which we operate — all these considerations have long been incorporated into our everyday activities.

Now, through our CSR policy, we aim to encourage innovation in our people, and engage with all stakeholders and communities. Driving the business forward on this basis will ensure the long term future of the Group, whilst developing a thriving workplace and a sustainable future for everyone involved.

Some CSR objectives have also been derived from our working relationships and collaboration with others. So, for instance, we look to align ourselves with the policies of our framework utility partners, and vice versa.

As a national organisation, with all the customer benefits that that entails, we are immensely proud that we still offer a truly ‘local’ service through our depot network, for local people, by local people.

When it comes to community, we can honestly say that our commitment is genuine and unreserved.

PrintModern Day Slavery

Under our CSR ethos, we undertake to ensure that no employees of Lanes Group, or its suppliers, are involved in modern day slavery.

Further, we aim to raise awareness amongst all our staff to increase their vigilance and the likelihood of them being able to identify the practice. Our Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy is available on request.