Utility tankering services

Lanes Group is a leader in providing wastewater tankering services for the utility industry.

We work with water companies across the UK to provide planned and reactive tankering services that support the highest technical standards and best customer service.

Lanes operates the most modern and most advanced 3,000-gallon (14,000 litres), 4,000-gallon (18,000 litres), and 5,000-gallon (23,000 litre) vacuumation tankers for removing and carrying a wide range of waste, including leachate, sewage, cleaning water, and sludge.

We can provide a dedicated utility reactive or planned tankering services, quickly mobilising a fleet of vehicles based on the specific needs of a water utility provider.

Or we can deliver a peak demand service, using our current tankering service fleet to help a water utility company cost-effectively and sustainably meet its tankering needs over time.

Water utility tankering services

Specific tankering services we can provide include:

Wet well emptying

We can provide tankers to deliver a wet well emptying service, including super suction machines, including DISABs, for very deep wet wells or wet wells full of thick sludge and debris.

Sludge transportation and disposal

Reply on our utility tankering fleet to deliver highly-efficient sludge transportation and disposal services. Our modern fleet has the most fuel efficient, low-emission tankers, contributing to low carbon and sustainability strategies.
5000 Gallon Artic DISAB

Effluent management

We have a proven track record in delivering a highly-responsive effluent management service through deployment of the right-sized tankers, precisely when they are needed and where they are needed.

Lanes works closely with water utility providers to ensure water treatment works are managed optimally, through peaks and troughs in demand, and associated services, such as anaerobic digestion and biomass energy plants, are fully-supported through planned and reactive tankering services.

Call Lanes today on 0800 526 488 to discuss your water utility tankering service needs. We are here to help.