Does Bamboo Toilet Paper Block Drains?

Bamboo toilet paper is a recent innovation that seeks to address challenges and provide environmental benefits in a sustainable way. As deforestation continues at alarming rates around the world and the need for humans to use less paper grows, some people and businesses are turning towards alternative sources of paper to ensure that it can continue to be produced and used sustainably. Many people are increasingly relying on bamboo products because it is a more environmentally friendly source material for a variety of products.

However, because bamboo toilet paper is a relatively new product, many people may have practical concerns about whether it is suitable for their drain, and what possible side effects switching to bamboo toilet paper might have. Here, the experts at Lanes will explain how to prevent blockages and take good care of your drains, and definitively answer the question: does bamboo toilet paper block drains?

Is bamboo toilet paper safe for drains?

The simplest answer to this question is that bamboo toilet paper is much the same as any other type of toilet paper. It is made of bamboo fibres that break down and dissolve when exposed to water, which causes the paper to disintegrate and helps to prevent blockages.

In fact, in some cases, bamboo toilet paper can break down more quickly than regular toilet paper, and especially when compared with thick or heavily treated brands of toilet paper. Bamboo has a reputation for firmness, but because of the production process used to create toilet paper derived from bamboo, it is actually very soft and does not have any difficulty in breaking down.

Despite this, there are usually no additives or other chemicals in bamboo toilet paper that can harm the environment or prevent the paper from fully breaking down, which make it an eco-friendly product and a good alternative to traditional toilet paper. This also means it is also generally safe for households with septic tanks, and as long as you only use as much as you need, this should not cause any problems. This makes it different from some types of normal toilet paper, which can fail to break down in septic systems and block drains.

However, the answer to the question, ‘Does bamboo toilet paper block drains?’ is not necessarily a ‘no’ as a result of these benefits, and it does not mean that there is no chance of bamboo toilet paper blocking your drains. Just like any type of toilet paper, using too much could still cause a blockage. When the paper fibres break down, they can stick to each other and accumulate to block drains if they do not flush away fast enough. Most commonly, this occurs when too much paper is flushed at one time, or if products are incorrectly disposed of down the drain.

How can I prevent blockages?

If you are using bamboo toilet paper alongside other products, you may be at a greater risk of blocking your drain, as many common products can easily block pipes. For example, items such as wet wipes (even those that are listed as biodegradable) and sanitary products very frequently cause blockages, and this can prevent paper from draining away properly, which can make the problem worse. In fact, these products can enter the sewage system and cause much more significant problems. You should dispose of these types of items in the bin to prevent blockages and ensure your drainage system remains in proper working order.

If you are experiencing a blocked drain, find that water is draining away slowly, or have unusual sounds or bad smells coming from your drains, you will often be best served hiring a professional to solve the problem. Trying to unblock drains yourself can make things worse, or result in a blockage not being fully cleared and instead being washed further into the drainage system, where it might cause more problems.

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