How Do I Find Out Where the Drains Are On My Property?

The drains that serve a residential property are usually buried underground, which can make it difficult to know exactly where they lie. Further, water authority records are not always accurate and this can make it hard to understand the full extent of the drains on your property. In such cases, there are a few ways to approach finding out where the drains are, from checking the deeds to your property, to conducting a CCTV drain survey. It is helpful to know where the drains on your property are if you want to extend your home or if there is a problem, such as a leak or blockage.A drainage specialist can find out where the drains are located on your property. They can also help if there is a problem with your drains, such as a blockage, and offer advice on any wear or maintenance needs. Keep reading to learn the answer to the question: “How do I find out where the drains are on my property?” and find out why it is often easy and cost effective to ask a professional.

How do I find out where the drains are on my property?

There are a few ways to find out where the drains are on your property, and which is the most suitable method will depend on the amount of information you need. It is usually easy to find the main drain, although this does not help with understanding or mapping the full drainage system on your property – such as where the pipes travel or connect to public waterways. In some cases, you may have access to the property’s drainage plans or drainage map, or you may be able to access these from your local water authority, which can make the process much easier if this information is accurate and up-to-date.The number of drains on your property will depend on several factors, including how old the property is and what kind of property it is. Usually, a home has one main drain that will connect to the sewage system, and this is connected to the wastewater pipes in your house.Water that drains from your sink, bath, or washing machines is called foul water, and will flow from your wastewater pipes, down the main drain and to a local

sewage works for treatment. You can search around your home for a drain cover, which will usually be an access point for your main drain and can give you a sense of where this is located.

Drainage plans

To find out where all the drains are on your property, you need a drainage plan. If the previous owner of your property had one, they may have left it with the deeds to your property, so it is worth checking any relevant paperwork to see if you can find one.If you cannot get a drainage plan from the property’s previous owner, you may be able to request one from your local water company for a fee. It is also important to note that the local water authority or local council may have access to a drainage plan of your property if they conducted previous modifications or inquiries, but they may not, or you may find that these plans are not detailed or accurate. Further, if the reason you need the drainage plan is because you are concerned about a problem, this will not be the most effective solution and you can simply skip this step.

On My Property How Do I Find Out Where the Drains Are?

CCTV drain surveys

If you cannot access drainage plans for your property, or you find that they are inaccurate, the most reliable solution is to have a professional drainage engineer conduct a CCTV drain survey. This process involves inserting specially designed cameras into the drains using the access point provided by a drain cover, and capturing high resolution images of the network through which the experts at Lanes can map out the pipe system beneath your property.This method is fast and cost-effective, and ensures minimal disruption to your life. It is suitable for almost any drain, provided there is convenient access somewhere on the property, and offers the most detailed and accurate drainage plan possible. If you are planning to build an extension on your property or are concerned about a problem somewhere in the system, a drainage plan can make solving this problem considerably easier.If there is a problem with your drains or you need to know where your drains are located, it is best to contact a drainage specialist. To arrange a CCTV drain survey with the engineers at Lanes Group, or to discuss a quote, call us on 0800 526 488 today.

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