Cumbria and Lancashire floods – Lanes helps businesses recover

Drainage engineers at Lanes Group are preparing to respond to calls for assistance as businesses, homeowners and public agencies begin to clear up after the major floods.

There are continuing flood and weather warnings in some areas, but most people hit by the devastating floods are now entering the clean-up and long-term recovery phase of the emergency.

Lanes Group drainage teams from depots in Preston, Lancashire, and Eccles, Greater Manchester have been called out to support a number of businesses affected by the flooding in both Cumbria and Lancashire.

This has included using a jet vac tanker to remove the silt and mud from the surface water drains on the site of a large car showroom in Kendal, Cumbria. Another jet vac tanker has been stationed at a power station to keep water off a staff car park.

In Lancashire, Lanes Group teams have been supporting a major manufacture, where the production facility has been badly damaged by flood water.

Derek Campbell, Regional Manager of the Lanes depot in Preston, said: “The emergency services and council teams have borne the brunt of the initial flood response, and have done an excellent job.

“Once the water subsides, there will still be a huge amount more to do, and we always get a big increase in calls for help at that time.

“Flood water can carry a huge amount of mud, silt and debris which gets into drain lines and other low-lying and underground structures, such as tanks and channels. These need cleaning out quickly, in a safe and effective manner, and we have all the equipment and expertise needed to do that.

“Health and safety, in particular, is of paramount concern when carrying out flood recovery tasks. Drainage and sewer assets can be damaged and destabilised by flood activity. Mud and debris can increase trip and fall risks, and sewage spills caused by flooding are a hygiene hazard.

“As a national drainage specialist we have the capacity to handle all flood recovery work, no matter how complex or large the project. We’re also experienced at working with insurance companies and loss adjusters in response to flooding events.”

Equipment that comes into its own includes Lanes Group’s recycler jet vac tankers, the largest and most modern fleet of such vehicles in the UK.

These tankers can clean and vacuum up many tonnes of sludge and debris in one go. Because they recycle their own water, they can stay on station working for longer than conventional jet vac tankers, so flood cleaning tasks are completed more quickly and more cost-effectively.

Derek Campbell added: “We are a 24/7 365 days a week service, so our teams will be ready to work around the clock to help customers hit by flooding. With Christmas on the way, there will be an additional desire for companies, agencies and householders to take quick action.”

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