Unblocktober: How Can Businesses Get Their Staff Involved?


Businesses across the country are currently gearing up for the first ever Unblocktober campaign, a groundbreaking new initiative from Lanes Group that aims to save our sewers and seas by encouraging individuals across the country to change their drainage habits this October and beyond. By avoiding putting certain items down their drains or toilets for…

The Facts About Fatbergs & Plastic Pollution – an infographic


The Facts About Fatbergs & Plastic Pollution – an infographic People in the UK are becoming increasingly aware of the danger that fatbergs and plastic pollution pose to our sewers and seas – but do they understand the full scale of the problem, or the way their day-to-day habits may be exacerbating the issue? The…

Unblocktober: 10 Ways to Get Your Friends and Family Involved


There’s less than a week to go until the first ever Unblocktober campaign begins, and households and businesses across the country are now gearing up to take part in what promises to be a groundbreaking effort to save our sewers and seas. With more than 1,000 participants already signed up, Lanes Group – who are…

Major MoD office site gets drain downpipe clean


Drainage teams from Lanes Group plc have cleaned downpipe stacks at one of the UK’s largest office complexes. They were supporting commercial fit-out specialists Beacon Business Interiors who have been refurbishing toilet blocks at MoD Abbey Wood. The site, at Filton, near Bristol, is home to Defence, Equipment and Support (DE&S), the Ministry of Defence’s…

Lanes Group - Electro-mechanical cleaning SQU

Unblocktober: Top Tips and Products to Protect Your Drains


Unblocktober: Top Tips and Products to Protect Your Drains The first ever Unblocktober campaign is now less than a month away. This groundbreaking initiative from Lanes Group is designed to raise awareness of the importance of protecting our sewers and seas, and we’re happy to report that businesses and households across the country are signing…

Unblocktober Campaign Gains High-Profile Support


As part of our ongoing efforts to improve the condition of the UK’s sewers and waterways, Lanes Group has launched Unblocktober, a groundbreaking new campaign that aims to raise awareness of the simple steps everyone can take to protect their nation’s drains from blockages and pollution. The month-long challenge runs throughout October, and will encourage…

Unblocktober: How Polluted Are the UK’s Rivers?


In October 2019, Lanes Group will be launching Unblocktober, our new public awareness campaign dedicated to protecting the UK’s sewers and waterways from blockages and plastic pollution. It promises to be a timely initiative, coming at a time when UK river pollution is posing a looming threat – and recent reports have shown just how…

Polluted drain flowing into a river