Let’s keep sewers flowing during COVID-19 crisis


Lanes Group plc is backing water companies who are urging customers not to switch to flushing substitute products down toilets during current toilet paper shortages. Panic buying triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic has raised concern that people may resort to swapping toilet paper for other products like wet wipes and kitchen towel, which could increase…


Welcome to the drainage industry – my world of work


The phrase ‘a woman working in a man’s world’ is fast becoming less and less relevant says Lanes area development manager Sian Wyn Jones, if her experience is anything to go by. To mark International Women’s Day, we’re showcasing the work of women who work at Lanes, the UK’s largest independent drainage specialist. Sian has…

Let’s do exciting sewer work without the emergencies


Louise Paterson has spent a lot of her working life at the sharp end of delivering customer service. For 10 years, she worked in a police emergency call centre. Now, as head of operations in the customer solutions centre (CSC), the nerve centre of Thames Water’s wastewater maintenance operation, she is doing her best to…