Where is my Blockage?

Modern Industrial Infrastructure BuildingWhen issues arise in drainage systems, more often than not, half of the problem is determining whether it is you and your business that is responsible, or your utilities provider. The rules have recently changed as to with whom the responsibility lies, so before we determine the location of the blockage, we need to unpack how the responsibility is divided.

What am I responsible for?

In general, if there is a blockage in a part of the system that sits on your property, then it is your problem to deal with. If part of the system is within your boundaries, but shared with a neighbouring company, then this becomes the responsibility of the local water or sewage company.

How do I locate blockages?

To look for a possible blockage within the boundaries of your premise, you can search for a drain cover that’ll be somewhere on your land. Be very careful when looking at or approaching these, they are very heavy, and may contain harmful gases – but a quick look underneath (do not, under any circumstances, go inside) can give you your answer. Replace the cover as soon as you are finished and make sure it is properly sealed.

If you do happen to notice a blockage in a drain that is not within the area you, as a business and property owner are responsible for – for example, if a drain is overflowing – make sure you report this to your local water and sewage company. If in doubt about how to get in touch with them, the local council is undoubtedly the best place to start.

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