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Septic tank operators urged to make regulation checks


New regulations for discharging wastewater from septic tanks have now come into force – and householders and businesses that fall foul of them risk heavy financial penalties or even criminal prosecution. Since January 1st 2020, the regulations, called General Binding Rules: Small Sewage Discharge to the Ground, have not allowed wastewater  from a standard septic…

Fatberg finds prompt Christmas appeal to protect environment


Christmas revellers and food businesses are being urged not to feed the fatbergs after Lanes Group sewer cleaning teams removed two giant waste monsters from beneath the streets of London. The Lanes teams, working for Thames Water, sliced a 30-tonne fatberg from a sewer beneath Borough Market in Southwark, South London, and a 63-tonne fatberg…

Concrete Pall Mall fatberg

How using eco-friendly feminine hygiene products can help you fight plastic pollution


As part of our ongoing ‘Sinner or Binner’ campaign, we’ve talked extensively about how the improper disposal of tampons and sanitary towels is one of the biggest causes of troublesome drain blockages. The reason for this is that many of these products contain hidden plastics that aren’t immediately noticeable or recognisable, but nevertheless prevent the…