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The forgotten-essentials for new landlords revealed


When landlords set up a new home to rent, they are faced with a choice. Cut corners –  installing clapped-out appliances and skimping on drainage – or instead, renovate comprehensively. While the former approach can be attractive due to the possible initial savings, it’s completely flawed, given the negative repercussions that, further down the line,…

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Porcelain Moans


Given that the average human spends up to three years on the toilet, it’s fair to say that we should all know a little more about what can and cannot be flushed down the loo. Between 2000 and 2008, in the US alone, $361.1bn was spent on public wastewater treatment, with the vast majority of…

Fact or Flush

The Drain Offenders


We’ve all been there. It’s Saturday morning and you’ve just devoured a bacon sandwich. You brush the crumbs from your pyjamas and slink over to the hob – it is here that you realise you have a choice to make. Should you:  A) soak up the fat with some kitchen roll and risk getting your…

Fat and oil buildup in drains.