Drainage maintenance News

Lanes teams respond to urgent calls in wake of Storm Henk


Drainage engineers from Lanes Group plc are responding to calls for help across England and Wales as businesses are threatened by flooding caused by Storm Henk. Lanes teams are extremely busy as flooding continue to cause major problems, with call-outs particularly high in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Staffordshire, the West Midlands, Gloucestershire, Avon, and South Wales. Lanes…

Dockland drainage survey reveals centuries-old secrets


Lanes Group drainage engineers have travelled back through centuries of British maritime history by looking into a sewer for a major dock development scheme. The team from Lanes Plymouth depot could plot layers of historical activity in the area by looking down a manhole into the remains of a hand-cut limestone culvert at the city’s…

Helping the drains take the strain


Volatile weather generated by climate change is likely to put more strain on rail drainage systems than ever before. Innovative thinking and technical excellence from Lanes Group plc is delivering solutions. Whether it is solving challenging flash flooding problems at a London rail terminus, maintaining stations on the UK’s newest railway line, or carrying out…

Fatberg finds prompt Christmas appeal to protect environment


Christmas revellers and food businesses are being urged not to feed the fatbergs after Lanes Group sewer cleaning teams removed two giant waste monsters from beneath the streets of London. The Lanes teams, working for Thames Water, sliced a 30-tonne fatberg from a sewer beneath Borough Market in Southwark, South London, and a 63-tonne fatberg…

Concrete Pall Mall fatberg