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Drone survey approval is a first for Transport for London


Lanes Rail, part of Lanes Group plc, has become the first contractor to win long-term Transport for London approval to use drones to support the carrying out of asset surveys. Following an intensive 12 month testing and approval process, Lanes Rail can now use a Civil Aviation Authority-approved drone contractor, flying what are officially known…

Lanes and London Underground line up track drainage “revolution”


Lanes Group is working in partnership with London Underground to test technology that aims to solve one of the most notorious drainage maintenance problems on the Tube network. The company is trialling a vacuumation system called Big Brute on the Metropolitan Line north of Baker Street, which is acknowledged as having the most challenging track drainage system on London…

Platform repairs at London Underground station


Lanes Group has carried out concrete support and platform repairs at Northfields tube station in West London. Piers supporting platforms and nosing stones, which edge the platforms, were repaired at the station on the Heathrow branch of the Piccadilly line. Lanes Group’s Rail Division carry out the work at the station, which is on an…