Drain Cleaning News

7 essentials for delivering drainage services in prisons


Drainage engineers from Lanes Group plc work in some of the most unusual and challenging environments imaginable, from giant public sewers and nuclear power stations to rail tunnels under the sea. Perhaps the most challenging of them all can be working in prisons. Lanes drainage teams have worked on drains and sewers in dozens of…

Pipe cleaning minimises blockage risks at major hospital


Drainage engineers from Lanes Group plc have been commissioned to clean and survey below-ground foul drainage pipes at one of the UK’s largest and busiest hospitals. They have used a powerful compact electric pipe cleaning machine to remove material from over half a kilometer of pipes that, if left in place, could have caused significant…

Drain cleaning and surveying supports vital road scheme


Drainage expertise from Lanes Group plc is supporting the construction of a new road that will reduce congestion and pollution in a Cheshire town and bring new job opportunities to the area. Lanes drainage teams are providing highway drain cleaning and CCTV drainage survey services for the building of the Congleton Link Road, a new…