Lanes finds solution to householder’s sewage saga


After nearly two years of serious sewage issues and much legal wrangling, a householder in Cheshire is finally free of drainage problems, thanks to Lanes for Drains. The cottage’s sewage system was a 100-year old septic tank, but the pipes to it had been damaged during work at the adjoining property. This meant that the…

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Highways and byways: Prevention is better than cure for gullies


A highway gully — sometimes spelt ‘gulley’ — is a drainage point typically covered by a metal grate at the side of the road. The gully is connected to the surface water sewer and its job is to take away excess water from the highway. Gullies may discharge, ultimately, into drains, ditches, watercourses or sewers….

Roadside Drain

Interceptors Unplugged


Surface water drains, including land drains and most road drains, are designed to carry only uncontaminated rainwater to a local river, stream or soakaway. Run-off which is contaminated by silt, chemicals or oil, could pollute the watercourse. That’s why interceptors, also called oil separators, are fitted to surface water drainage systems — to protect the…


High-tech Lanes for Drains reveals secrets of the past


Lanes for Drains has used its 21st Century sewer surveillance technology to reveal the 200-year-old hidden secrets of one of the UK’s largest man-made reservoirs. The company was called in to work on a £5.5m project to repair a dam at the 108 hectare Chasewater reservoir near Lichfield in Staffordshire, owned by Staffordshire County Council….

Lanes Engineers at Chasewater reservoir

Surface Water Drainage Maintenance


Surface water drainage is taken for granted. We expect all those grates and gulleys to cope with anything, right? Even when we don’t bother to make sure they’re capable of taking the strain. And it’s not hard to see how drains become clogged — general silt and debris such as leaf mulch will quickly block…

Surface water clearing

Are you connected to the wrong drain?


Misconnection of washing machines and dishwashers is a common problem in domestic properties. One water company reported as many as 400 incidents in which household drains and appliances were incorrectly plumbed in to the wrong drainage system — surface water rather than foul water. That means that they were polluting the watercourses. It also means…

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Lanes finds Liverpool’s lost underground tunnels


Loss of track ballast and a hole in rail sidings at Liverpool prompted contractor Amalgamated Construction Ltd (Amco) to call in Lanes, with its sophisticated remote control cameras, to get to the bottom of the problem. Once inside the void, the camera equipment revealed a labyrinth of underground tunnels. Matt Mulheran of Lanes, said: “We…


Lanes notches up the wins in Wales


Lanes for Drains’ Cardiff depot has been awarded a contract by Monmouthshire County Council for the reactive maintenance of roadside drains to reduce the risk of flooding. The contract, for gully emptying and jetting, is another triumph for the branch which opened less than two years ago in Pontyclun. Craig Evans, manager at the South…

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