Are your sewer pipes more than 30 years old?

Sewer pipes. Not top of your list for things to think about we’re guessing. Nevertheless, it may be worth your while in the long run to consider their age and condition. Because sewers don’t last for ever. In fact, anything over 30 years old, and they could already be in a state of disrepair.

That’s the bad news.

So now you’re picturing your garden decimated, with men and machines moving in to excavate, locate the failing pipes and replace them. Weeks of a project. Earthmovers on your drive. Trenches. Jackhammers. Noise, mess, and a massive reinstatement effort to get your garden back to what it was.

The good news is there is another way.

It’s called ‘trenchless technology’. ‘No dig’. Or ‘pipe relining’. And it’s a clever, relatively quick and hassle-free way of getting pipes back into ‘as new’ condition, without having to turn your property into an archaeological dig.

There’s no excavation. The existing pipe is simply given a new lining — or, as it’s properly called, a CIPP (Cured In Place Pipe) liner. A resin-impregnated flexible liner is installed via a manhole using (usually) water pressure. Once it’s in there, the resin is cured (via UV light, hot water or ambient temperature, depending on the method and materials chosen) until it hardens. That liner, now rigid, seamless and jointless becomes the new pipe inside the old one. Job done. And your sewer will be good for another 50+ years.

So even if your pipes are getting on a bit, it’s not all doom and gloom. Ask Lanes for more information. We’re the experts when it comes to no-dig pipe rehabilitation.


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