How using eco-friendly feminine hygiene products can help you fight plastic pollution


As part of our ongoing ‘Sinner or Binner’ campaign, we’ve talked extensively about how the improper disposal of tampons and sanitary towels is one of the biggest causes of troublesome drain blockages. The reason for this is that many of these products contain hidden plastics that aren’t immediately noticeable or recognisable, but nevertheless prevent the…

eco-friendly feminine hygiene products

Drainage teams work to restore spa town’s global fame


Drainage teams from Lanes Group plc are helping a main contractor realise a plan that aims to restore Buxton in Derbyshire as the UK’s leading spa town. It is delivering drain survey and cleaning services as part of a multi-million-pound plan to redevelop and restore The Crescent, a Grade 1 Listed Georgian building in the…

Buxton crescent SQU

How we’re changing people’s toilet waste disposal habits


Lanes Group is on a mission to educate people across the UK about the damage caused when hidden plastics found in household products such as wet wipes, sanitary towels, tampons, nappies and much more, are flushed down the toilet. As you may have already read, we have been raising awareness of hidden plastics and explaining…

93% of Brits support fatberg fight, but 59% oppose govt wet wipe ban


Baby wipes and antibacterial household wipes are the most common types of disposable wipes in British households, used by 44% and 52% of people respectively. 59% of people said they would not support the proposed government blanket ban on the sale of disposable wipes, which was suggested in May this year. The most common reason…

Wet wipe pile removed from drain

Fatberg fever: how the ‘Monster of Whitechapel’ has become a national treasure


It’s been almost a full year since valiant engineers from Thames Water and Lanes Utilities emerged victorious in their epic battle against the infamous Whitechapel fatberg, a colossal 130-tonne mass of congealed fat, oil, grease and sanitary products that was discovered blocking a 250-metre stretch of sewers beneath the streets of London. It was one…