ISO 14001 success flows from Lanes drainage expertise

Lanes Group’s drainage engineers are carrying out CCTV surveys and remedial pipe repairs that are helping other businesses achieve internationally-recognised standards for environmental protection.

The Lanes depot in Preston, Lancashire, is one of the 22 operational centres which are called in to help ensure organisations meet the rigorous ISO 14001 standard.

Frank Hamlin, Area Development Manager for Lanes Preston, said: “The integrity and state of repair of drainage systems contribute significantly to any organisation’s environmental standards.

“Failure of a foul drain, and the ensuing problems, which can include serious sewage flooding, represent one of the biggest risks any organisation can pose to the environment.

“Therefore, responsible organisations are increasingly turning to Lanes Group to carry out full CCTV drainage surveys of their premises as part of their ISO 14001 accreditation process. It gives them the due diligence proof they need to impress the auditor assessing their application.”

ISO 14001 provides a core set of international standards that organisations can use to design the most effective environment management systems. Manufacturers, public bodies, retailers, and logistics companies are among the many different types of organisations that seek the accreditation.

For many organisations, the process of seeking to achieve ISO 14001 may be the first time they have considered the condition of their drainage systems in a co-ordinated way, said Frank Hamlin.

He added: “We can give our clients applying for ISO 14001 accreditation a full report on the condition of their drainage system, as well as advice on the priorities for remedial actions needed to ensure they meet the standard.

“We can then work with them, in line with their ISO 14001 application deadlines, to make sure their drainage system is ready for the auditing process, and all relevant evidence, such as technical reports, are in place.

“Where companies have specific risks, such as manufacturing processes that use chemicals or that general significant volumes of waste water, we can support them though the installation of specialist pollution prevention measures, including drain and sewer sensor systems.”

Drainage systems are often managed in a piecemeal, reactive way. Problems, such as drain blockages and broken pipes, are dealt with as they arise.

The ISO 14001 application process is an opportunity to view management of drainage systems in a more proactive way. By carrying out a full site CCTV drainage survey, organisations can start to take a strategic approach to drainage management.

Drainage issues that may have been causing operational problems for months or years can be addressed. Environmental risks can be reduced.

Also, in many cases, long-term costs can be better managed as well, because a planned and preventative management system can be put in place that reduces the need for emergency call-outs, and reduces the risk of major pipe failures.



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