Paul brings clean perspective to pipe lining operation

Drainage and wastewater contractor Lanes Group plc has appointed clean water expert Paul Henderson to lead strategic sales for its sewer rehabilitation and lining operations.

Paul is the new Business Development Manager for the Lanes Sewer Rehabilitation and Lining Division. A key previous role was Business Development Director for one of the UK’s leading clean water quality engineering specialists.

Lanes Group Development Director Richard Leigh said: “We are very pleased that Paul has joined our business. Some like to make tongue in cheek comments about there being a clean and dirty side of the water utility industry.

“However, the skills and experience are eminently transferable, and Paul has a wealth of expertise plus fresh insights that will help us deliver high quality strategic services for all our pipe lining customers, both in the utility industry and across other key business sectors.”

Paul, who also chairs the Northern Area Committee of the Institute of Water, said: “Lanes has developed a strong reputation for consistent and innovative service delivery in the water utility sector and beyond.

“It has been a pioneer of many key pipe lining technologies and has just invested over £1million in the latest sewer rehabilitation equipment, so this is an exciting time to be joining the business.”

Lanes’ rehabilitation and lining division is located at the Manchester HQ services and operational depot in Eccles, Greater Manchester. Services include ultraviolet (UV), hot water, and ambient cured in place pipeline (CIPP) installation.

As well as working for water companies across the UK, its teams rehabilitate pipes and culverts for Network Rail, Transport for London, energy companies, highways maintenance specialists, manufacturers and construction contractors.

Paul Henderson said: “My objective is to make Lanes the partner of choice for organisations needing lining services that integrate seamlessly with their operations, in a way that’s always safe, cost-effective and timely.”

At the end of 2018, Lanes purchased three new dual-core UV CIPP systems – two for lining pipes from 150mm to 1600mm in diameter. The third is mounted on three rail pods and will line pipes with diameters of up to 1200mm.

The package includes two new robotic cutters for preparing pipes for lining and opening lateral connections, adding to a powerful range of remote cutting equipment already in service with Lanes.

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