Drainage works boost flood protection in Welsh capital

Drainage engineers from Lanes Group plc have completed a major sewer cleansing and surveying programme in Cardiff to enhance protection against flash flooding.

Cardiff City Council commissioned a specialist team from the Lanes Cardiff depot to carry out the work over a three-month period in Pontcanna to the west of the city centre.

Two jet vac tankers and a CCTV drainage survey crew were deployed and all manholes in the district’s drainage system were GPS-mapped.

Lanes Cardiff Area Development Manager Kyle Burgess said: “As part of its planned preventative maintenance programme, the city council wanted to ensure all drainage lines are clear of all material that could cause blockages.

“By carrying out the CCTV surveys and GPS plotting, the council has all the information it needs to plan further investigative work and to assess how the drain lines will perform when under maximum pressure, for instance during periods of prolonged heavy rainfall.

“Sewer cleansing and surveying are both key elements of proactive maintenance work needed as part of a comprehensive flood protection strategy, which is why we have been commissioned to support the city council in this way.”

Drains and sewers ranging in diameter from 100mm to 600mm were cleansed and surveyed, with Lanes drainage teams working both day and night shifts to minimise disruption to residents, business users, and road users.

In one case, work was programmed to be carried out at night around a large office complex so car parking space associated with the building was not affected.

Drainage teams also worked closely with other stakeholders, including park managers, allotment holders and a riding stable to clean and survey drains under their land.

Lanes is using both standard and recycler jet vac tankers to carry out the sewer cleansing. Recycler units can filter and reuse their water, which supports water jetting productivity where water supplies are limited.

Kyle Burgess said: “Because of our capacity, experience and the advanced technologies we can bring to bear, we can take these large drainage surveying and cleansing programmes in our stride.

“Our aim, always, is to carry out the work as safely, sustainably and productively as possible. This project is a good example of what we can achieve with meticulous planning and close partnership working with our clients.”

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